A Sourcing Story: Meet Our New Teas

We have a new tea partner! Our latest news in single-origin & direct sourcing: a collection of super high quality black and green Assam teas. We source these teas from the Chota Tingrai Tea Estate in Assam, India. Mana Organics, a tea company led by Avantika Jalan, is committed to delivering finest Assam teas across the world while being committed to the welfare of tea growing local communities on the estates run and managed by them.

The Chota Tingrai Tea Estate produces some of the highest quality teas in Assam. Assam is said to be home to India’s indigenous tea plant variety, camellia sinensis var assamica. The tea estates of Assam are also steeped in history, as the large-scale cultivation of tea in the region was started by the British East India Company in the 19th century. Assam’s location at the foothills of Himalayas, graced by the flow of the Brahmaputra river, combined with humid atmospheric conditions and heavy rainfall make for a fertile rich soil at a low altitude. 

The teas are organically grown on Chota Tingrai, with a special focus on maintaining a sustainable environment at the estate and working with the local communities to improve tea cultivation practices and the general quality of life of tea growing communities on the estate. The teas are aromatic and beautifully curled, a work of skilled hands involved in picking of the delicate leaves. We invite you to brew your hot cuppa and experience the fresh flavors from Chota Tingrai in amber assam, rose is my name, heartbeat, marrakesh, hojicha, supertwist and rising green teas.