Hello, we're DONA. We make tea with the best single-origin & direct trade ingredients we can source. 

We believe in balance over wellness.

Beverages, much like the foods we pair them with, are meant to be enjoyed. We don’t have any diet plans, magic elixirs or rigid bans, just carefully crafted products that are bright, refreshing and tastefully sweet. Our beverages have complex flavors because they’re made with high quality ingredients—real spices, herbs and citrus—selected for their naturally sweet qualities, so we add less sugar. 


We pay attention to how spices taste, where they come from, how they’re grown, and who farms them.

Traceability in the spice industry is historically opaque which isn’t good for farmers or consumers.

That’s why we’re moving toward using 100 percent single origin and/or directly traded ingredients, which helps us build relationships with farmers in collectives across the world. It is important to us that the people who grow our ingredients are being paid fairly.

Our team is small, so we brew in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality and control. First, each spice is cupped to test for flavor profile, natural sweetness and body. Our brewing process begins with whole spices that are ground fresh per batch, unlike conventional spices that are pre-ground long before they arrive on the grocery store shelf, leaving them lacking in natural oils and flavor. 

We slow-steep our ingredients at our brewery in Brooklyn. Slow-steeping is a process that uses gentle circulation, temperature control and triple filtration. This develops flavor while optimizing extraction, ensuring the same beautiful flavors every time. 

We believe in giving back what we borrow from the earth.

Each week, we send 400 gallons of food scraps each week to McEnroe Organic Farm in Upstate New York to be composted—that’s over 20,000 gallons of food diverted from landfills each year. Our spent tea leaves, herbs & spice grounds become rich compost that nourishes the soil and feeds a healthier supply cycle. We’re working towards zero waste brewing and limiting synthetics & single-use plastics in our production. Instead of polyester-based tape, we’ve switched to paper packing tape, and our signature glass bottles make beautiful flower vases, soap dispensers and to-go water bottles. 

We are grateful to be part of a larger community of female founders and food lovers who want to grow a culture of well-being and build a better food system.


- Amy & the DONA team -