Zanzibar black pepper

photo by Burlap & Barrel 

Meet our new black pepper

Smoother // sweeter //  single origin   

We are excited to announce the launch of our new direct-trade Zanzibar Black Peppercorn. Our mission is to establish relationships with farmers, increase supply cycle transparency, and bring more attention to the quality of spices. 

Now brewing in our Masala Chai Concentrate, Turmeric Concentrate & our Turmeric Honeybush Spice Soda


Grown by a cooperative of smallholder artisan farmers on the Zanzibar islands off the eastern coast of Tanzania. Many of these farms are family run and have been growing pepper for generations.

Left to ripen on the vine longer than conventional peppercorn that’s usually harvested when it’s green and underripe. Our Zanzibar black pepper is hand-picked after ripening to an orange hue, then sun-dried to yield a fruitier, smoother black pepper.

We maintain transparency along a short supply cycle: we know the producers, the growing conditions of the spices, and the wages paid to the people involved.   



Botanical name:  Piper nigrum

Origin: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Harvest date: July 2019

Processing: sun-dried 

Farm type: Cooperative of small, artisan farmers 

Certifications: Organic