Meet our new rose

Panneer Rose, Diaspora Co.


Origin: Denkanikottai, Tamil Nadu, India

Harvest year: 2021

Processing: Solar powered dehydration system

Farm type: Single farm

DONA uses: Rose is my name loose leaf tea


Damask rose or panneer rose is that incredibly aromatic and flavorful variety of rose that is perfectly edible and compliments black tea. This variety of rose is grown regeneratively and without pesticides in a rain-fed region of Tamil Nadu, India. We have partnered with Diaspora Co. for sourcing panneer rose from Parvathi Menon’s farm where she has also designed a solar powered dehydration system for processing the fragile petals. The system keeps the bright colors and fragrance of the petals intact. Through sourcing this rose, we are able to maintain transparency over a short supply chain, understand the conditions in which the spice is grown and the wages paid to the farmer involved. 


picture credits: Diaspora Co.