DONA Tisane Variety Pack

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DONA Spice Tisanes (ti-zahns), are infusions of single origin + direct trade spices, herbs & fruits made with functional flavors. They're slow-steeped and naturally sweet (no added sugar) in 3 flavors that soothe, restore & refresh. 


Each flavor is a healthful blend of spices, herbs, flowers, & fruit, slow steeped for a refreshing sip // Functional flavors made from real ingredients // Refined sugar-free 

Turmeric Cherry with Lemongrass, Hibiscus & Black Pepper

This blend is restorative.

Notes: tart stonefruit // spring flowers // fresh citrus

Ingredients: water, cherries, hibiscus, lemongrass, turmeric, black pepper

Cardamom Mint with Blueberry & Lemon

This blend is refreshing.


Notes: summer berries // cooling menthol // fresh citrus

Ingredients: filtered water, blueberries, cardamom, mint, lemon juice


Elderflower Fennel with Chamomile & Orange

This blend is soothing

Notes: sweet licorice // soft vanilla // refreshing citrus

Ingredients: filtered water, lemon juice, elderflower, chamomile, orange oil

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