Tea Club 01: Chai
Tea Club 01: Chai
Tea Club 01: Chai

Tea Club 01: Chai

Dona Tea Club is a new quarterly offering aimed at spotlighting the complex history & cultural practices of tea.

Each delivery will feature a themed box filled with exclusive teas, spices, gifts, goodies & more. Our first Tea Club is all about Chai, its origins, tea and spices that bring this traditional beverage to life.

Tea Club 01: Chai, includes:

  • - 16 oz Original Masala Chai Concentrate
  • - Chai Spice Dust
  • - Chai Streusel Granola
  • - Chai Soy Wax Candle
  • - Literature: Sourcing Guide; Note on Chai & Tea is Art
  • - Single-origin, equitably sourced tea & spices used in our Chai:
  • Black Teas from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate; Assam, India: CTC (crush, tear, curl) granular form of tea leaves used in Chai to create bolder flavor able to stand on its own with milk & spices.
  • + Assam Black whole leaf tea for you to compare the two varieties at home.

  • Cardamom from Farmer Don Jesús; Barabara, Honduras: Cultivated among timber, banana and other fruit trees allows the seeds to develop its sweet and spicy flavor.
  • *We have committed to purchasing 60% of his cardamom crop, ensuring a fresh supply & paying a fair price.

  • Pepper from Parameswaran Family Farm; Kerala, India: Parameswaran and his son Akash have been growing pepper for over 35 years. The pepper is vine-ripened, hand-picked & grown without pesticides.

An educational tasting box featuring the ingredients that make up our Chai