Turmeric Cherry Tisane Pack

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DONA's got a new best friend. Introducing our new brand Ouli!

Our tisanes got a new name and makeover, but you can still expect the same high quality flavor as DONA. Ouli Tisanes are vibrant and bold in flavors and ingredients, just like this new look.

*Our website is coming soon, but meanwhile, shop our exclusive online sneak peak here at DONA.


Q: What is a tisane? 

A: Tea without the tea. 

A tisane (ti-zahn) is an infusion of herbs, fruits, and spices without the tea plant—it's commonly called herbal tea.  Always caffeine free. 

Our tisanes are slow-steeped with fresh fruit that's bursting with natural sweetness, so we don't need to add any sugar.

Turmeric Cherry with Lemongrass, Hibiscus & Black Pepper

This blend is restorative.

Notes: tart stonefruit // spring flowers // fresh citrus


16oz bottle

Ingredients: water, cherries, hibiscus, lemongrass, turmeric, black pepper.