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 We <3 our community. We build relationships with local cafes, specialty shops and grocers who share our values for quality products, thoughtful sourcing, real ingredients, & respect for makers + growers.  

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The best spice beverages on the planet

We’re makers of tea concentrates + ready-to-drink beverages, each crafted with a harmonious balance of sweet and spice. We control the temperature throughout the process, use filtered water + pH test each batch for continual consistency behind the bar.

freshness + transparency matters 

We source organic tea and single-origin spices, traded directly from producers whenever possible. We grind our spices in-house before brewing and slow steep our ingredients for precise extraction.

We’re here to help

We offer barista guides for using our products, spice cupping curriculums, and educational information about our ingredients.

Let’s be social, together

We love to share photos, team up on inventive recipes, plan + participate in events and collaborate on social media. Reach out, let’s chat!