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Dona is an independently owned tea company in Brooklyn, NY. We equitably source all of our teas, herbs & spices. All of our products are balanced, complex, naturally sweet — never compromised by filler ingredients.

Dona Rose is My Name Loose Leaf Tea
Dona ingredients


Our ingredients are traceable back to a single source in order to contribute to a more equitable food system and provide a product you can feel good about.


We brew and package everything under one roof. Our blends and concentrates pass through a rigorous R&D process before it lands in your cup. We’re tough critics and don’t release anything we don’t feel great about


Our products are versatile. Our teas are great for baked goods, breakfast favorites & cocktails. Our products will hopefully inspire creativity in the kitchen and creativity outside the cup.

We believe in giving back what we borrow from the earth.


Each week, we send 800 gallons of food scraps to McEnroe Organic Farm in Upstate New York to be composted—that’s over 40,000 gallons of food diverted from landfills each year. Our spent tea leaves, herbs & spice grounds become rich compost that nourishes the soil and feeds a healthier supply cycle.

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