Unsweetened Chai Concentrate
Unsweetened Chai Concentrate
Unsweetened Chai Concentrate

Unsweetened Chai Concentrate

Unsweetened Masala Chai Concentrate: Make the best chai at home. An unsweetened balance of spices & organic black for  Spice-forward latte at home. 

Our Process: Our chai is made fresh in house. We grind spices fresh in our mill room,

steep them for over an hour in small batches in our 500 gallon kettles. While steeping, the spices are in constant circulation to optimize extraction.Then we filter and bottle. 

Sourcing Matters: Our ingredients are traceable back to a single source in order to contribute to a more equitable food system and provide a product you can feel good about.

Cinnamon: Cassia bark sourced from a collective in Thach An district, Cao Bang, Vietnam. This collective emphasizes sustainability, with cassia trees intercropped with anise and acacia shrubs to maintain soil fertility and crop nutrition stability.

Cardamom: Grown by a single farmer, Don Jesus in Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, Honduras. We purchase the majority of his cardamom crop, ensuring a fresh supply and paying a fair price

Black Peppercorn: Grown on a family farm in Thirunelly, Kerala, India. The Parameswaran family has been farming pepper for the last 35 years. This vine ripened spice is hand harvested to keep the rich flavor intact.

Ginger: Coming  from a collective of small farmers in Nicaragua. This collective helps farmers reach the marketplace by providing resources, financing and ensuring income through contract growing as they expand into growing more crops.

Black Tea: sourced from the Chota Tingrai Tea Estate in Assam, India. This women-run tea estate prioritizes sustainable growing methods and the welfare of the local tea growing communities.

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Two 16oz bottles

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No sugar added. Best paired with a rich & creamy alt milk, our Unsweetened Chai leaves room for adding the sweetener of your choice.