A Brighter, Sweeter Hibiscus

This hibiscus heals the soil health

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A Brighter, Sweeter Hibiscus

 Our La Mirada Hibiscus is organically grown in the coastal province of León at the foothills of Nicaragua’s volcanic mountains. The arid climate and mineral rich soil lend to the plant's vibrant scarlet color and earthy notes of ripe forest fruit. 


Botanical name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis?

Origin: León, Nicaragua

Harvest date: January and February

Processing: Hand harvested, sun dried

Farm type: Single farm


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Biodiverse farming. Our hibiscus is grown by La Mirada farm using agroecological practices that improve soil health and mitigate the harms of monocrop coffee farming. Its short growing cycle allows farmers to rotate hibiscus with other crops like turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, and grains to replenish nutrients in the soil and diversify their harvest.

Drought resistance. Hibiscus is a water-friendly shrub that blooms in the sunny dry corridors of Nicaragua where the volcanic soil is porous and requires little irrigation. Farmers work with the local ecosystem to preserve water and yield vibrant flavorful blooms.   

High altitude drying. Grown at an altitude of 135 meters above sea level, our hibiscus is dehydrated quickly in the clean dry air. Higher altitudes preserve the tart sweetness in each flower and eliminate the risk of fungal rot. 

Hand harvested. Often mistaken for petals, the part of the hibiscus flower that is harvested is the calyx, a collection of sepals that enclose the flower bud and protect its petals before they bloom. Each calyx is carefully picked by hand and preserved whole to ensure the brightest color and freshest flavor.