All About Assam Tea

All About Assam Tea

Deep dive: The Autumn Flush


What is Asam Tea?

A black tea that originates from the Assam region in northeast India. We source hand-picked Assam tea leaves that are then dried and oxidized in open-air containers. It’s one of the most renowned and widely consumed teas in the world and known for its strong, robust flavor, and deep red-brown color. 

The Three Seasons of Assam

Assam experiences three flushes or picking seasons a year: Spring Flush (March - May), Monsoon Flush (May - June), and Autumn Flush (October - November). Third flush is  notably shorter and marks the final harvest before the tea plants enter hibernation. 

Autumn Flush: Tea Brewer's Pick

It is often considered the insider's pick of the pluck. During this season, the monsoons cease and the tea leaves grow at a slower pace which translates into more rich, balanced, and full-bodied flavors.

Our Assam Partners: The Chota Tingrai Tea Estate

We partner with The Chota Tingrai Estate in Assam, India run by fourth generation tea grower, Avantika Jalan. The estate's farming processes prioritize both soil and plant health, using self generated compost and sustainable practices.