Meet our new black pepper

Black peppercorns from Kerala, India

Aranya Black Pepper, Diaspora Co.

Origin: Thirunelly, Kerala, India

Harvest date: May

Processing: Hand-picked

Farm type: Single farm

DONA uses: Chai and Turmeric concentrates

We’ve partnered with Diaspora Co. for sourcing black pepper. This collaboration has enabled us to deliver fresh taste of spices in our concentrates and keep up our commitment towards procuring from local, agricultural and sustainable ecosystems. 

The Aranya Pepper is grown on the Parameswaran family farm in Thirunelly, Kerala which has been pesticide free for 30+ years. This vine ripened spice is hand harvested to keep the distinct flavor intact.

Through sourcing the rich Aranya Pepper, we are able to maintain transparency over a short supply chain, understand the conditions in which the spice is grown and the wages paid to the farmer involved. 

picture credits: Diaspora Co.