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Cafe Spotlight: Perk Coffee

Looking for a cozy cafe bustling with creative energy and community than Perk Coffee is your place.
Perk Coffee

We caught up with our friends at Perk Coffee for our Cafe Spotlight Series. Perk loves our Dona Masala Chai and uses it in their featured drink, the Dirty Chai Blossom.  Be sure to check out Perk Coffees two location in NYC, located in Murray Hill & Upper East Side. 

Who are you?
Perk Coffee is the go-to spot in New York City for young creatives and innovators. We're a cozy coffee shop where you can get inspired, brainstorm, or just chill with other people who share your vibe. Whether you're working on your next big idea or just need a break, we're here to keep you fueled and connected.

Where are you located?
You can find Perk Coffee in Murray Hill at 126 E 37th St, or uptown in the Upper East Side at 1867 2nd Ave. And keep an eye out—more locations are coming soon!

How long have you been open?
Perk Coffee has been a part of Manhattan for 11 years, serving up great coffee and good vibes.

3 words to describe your vibe?
Cozy, vibrant, and inspiring.

Time to brag! What is something special about your cafe?
We call it the Perk Experience. Our goal is to make every visit memorable, with our passionate baristas guiding you from the moment you walk through the door. We take pride in our coffee, sourcing and roasting our own beans from Colombia. Thanks to our expertise, you get a cup of coffee that's crafted to make your day.

Why do you love Dona concentrate/tea? What is your favorite product?
What I love about Dona concentrate is how well-balanced the flavor notes are, making it the perfect base for a variety of drinks. It's versatile, consistent, and always delivers a great taste. Right now, we have an awesome seasonal drink, Dirty Chai Blossom made with Dona's Masala Chai, double espresso with hints of rose and lavender. Iced or hot it is delish!