Himalayan Chamomile

Floral, Fresh, Fruit-forward
Himalayan Chamomile

Meet our Himalayan Chamomile. It's grown on just five small lot-farms in the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas. The high altitude terroir of the region makes for more fragrant, airy and pure tasting chamomile blossoms. Plucked at peak seasonality, our Himalayan Chamomile retains freshness far beyond conventional chamomile

A shorter supply-chain. Our Chamomile’s life path is short & sweet. Grown, plucked, and slow-dried in at source in Nepal, the flowers are then sent directly to Dona HQ. The fewer exchanges a crop faces not only means fresher products, but also allows for transparency into farmers’ wages, growing practices and helps build a  more fair & just food system.

Calming chamomile. The original sleepy time flora, Chamomile produces a light sedative when steeped, producing natural chill vibes. The flavonoid Apigenin is this blooms secret to sleep and the comforting fragrance reduces anxiety.  

Origin | Tikapur and Bardiya districts, Nepal

Harvest date | March-April 2023

Processing | Hand-picked and sun-dried

Farm type |  Family-Owned; Mountainous Terroir