Honey Honey Honey Ice Cream

Coffee blossom honey, bright ginger, sweet apple and honeybush mix meet a smooth creme anglaise for the coolest ice cream on the hottest days.
Honeybush, ginger, dried apple and elderflower Dona tea and two scoops of ice cream on a beige colored plate



  1. In a stainless steel pot, heat the milk and salt until steaming. Don’t boil! Or scald! Remove from the heat and add the Dona Honey Honey loose tea. 
  2. Strain the tea from the milk, then reheat on the stove with the vanilla pod. 
  3. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks, sugar and honey. 
  4. Pour the hot milk in a very thin, steady stream into the egg mixture to temper the yolks. Return the mixture to the pan and, stirring constantly over low heat to make sure the mixture doesn’t catch at the bottom or curdle. Once the mixture has reached 180F on a digital thermometer, place the pot in a large pan or sink full of cold water, stirring the custard to cool it down. 
  5. Keeping the vanilla bean pod in, scrape the mixture into a container, cover, and refrigerate over night. Don’t skip this step! It’s the part that ages the ice-cream and intensifies the flavor. 
  6. The following day, remove the vanilla bean (make sure you get all the seeds in there) and blend the mixture with an immersion blender. Strain through fine mesh sieve, then churn in an ice cream maker per the manufacturers instructions. 
  7. Freeze until solid and scoopable.