How-to cold brew tea

How-to cold brew tea

No more bitter iced tea. Try cold-brewing. Why cold brew tea? Cold brewing is our favorite method of brewing tea & here's why:

The gentle cold brewing process allows for a smooth extraction of flavor while eliminating any chance of bitterness or astringency. The result is a perfectly extracted iced tea that is refined, refreshing & the easiest to make. 

This recipe yields 2-3 cups of iced tea. For a single serving, cut the recipe in half.


4 tablespoons of loose leaf tea

24oz (or 3 cups) room temp or cold water 


Measure out 20 grams of loose leaf tea in a tea press. Top the tea with 24oz of room temp or cold water (any temperature really, just not hot). Gently stir, cover, and set in the fridge overnight. Then next day, serve over ice.