PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Introducing Dylan from Onyx Coffee Lab

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Introducing Dylan from Onyx Coffee Lab

We <3 our community! We owe our success to the people in the industry who share in our values for quality products, thoughtful ingredients, and transparency regarding supply cycle and business practices. We want to highlight our partners that make DONA's growth possible. 

We chatted with Dylan from Onyx Coffee Lab in Arkansas! 

Q: Where do you work?

Q: What do you do? 
A: I am the Head of Education and R&D

Q: What is one thing you'd like to see change in the coffee industry? 
A: This is a hard question. For Onyx, one of the most important changes that can be created is the betterment of livelihood for all parties involved in the chain of production. The more difficult question to answer is how this change takes place. I think much of it comes down to consumer perception of coffee. Consumers know high-end wine, spirits, and chocolate exists. They are willing to pay more to consume those nicer products, but coffee isn't perceived like this yet. Cafe's have the opportunity, through great service and elevated drinks, to show customers what coffee is and why it's worth more than what we're historically used to paying for a cup.

Q: We started sourcing single-origin spices -- does this affect your views on the spice trade/food system? How does this relate to your experience in coffee?
A: As a culture, we are unaware of where most products come from. It's a goal of ours to know the source of every ingredient we use behind the bar. We can't preach the importance of sustainability, transparency, and ethical payment for only one element. The concept of single-origin anything is fascinating because we recognize that a product's complexity and depth. It's a part of what makes coffee infinitely interesting. Everything we use in our life deserves that kind of respect and appreciation.
Q: What is your favorite way to drink DONA?
A: Straight chai latte is too good. Mixing concentrates in ice cream for an affogato. Use in sodas or ciders. I'm still experimenting with all of the ways Dona can be used!
Q: Free space: fun fact, shoutout, vent, etc. 
A: I drink oat milk chais almost as often as I drink coffee.