PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Introducing Kathie from Stumptown!

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Introducing Kathie from Stumptown!

We <3 our community! We owe our success to the people in the industry who share in our values for quality products, thoughtful ingredients, and transparency regarding supply cycle and business practices. We want to highlight our partners that make DONA's growth possible. 

We chatted with Kathie from Stumptown Coffee Roasters! 

Q: Where do you work?

Q: What do you do? 
A: I am the LA Lead Educator

Q: What is one thing you'd like to see change in the coffee industry? 
A: So many things-- but on my mind a lot lately is employee value- liveable wages, employer provided benefits, confidence and trust in staff, respectable leadership etc. It is possible for "the little guy" companies to do this, and we love to see it!

Q: We started sourcing single-origin spices -- does this affect your views on the spice trade/food system? How does this relate to your experience in coffee?
A: Having worked in coffee exclusively for roasters throughout my career, I am very familiar with the practice of single origin sourcing in coffee, but it's easy to think that our industry is unique in this way. I know that single origin sourcing is uncommon in spices, and I love that as a company that values this type of sourcing that we can see it throughout our chai supplier's supply chains as well!
Q: What is your favorite way to drink DONA?
A: Iced with oat milk. JUDGE ME.
Q: Free space: fun fact, shoutout, vent, etc. 
A: Drink water :)