#showupforindia: Resources & how to help

#showupforindia: Resources & how to help

While the atmosphere in our country is feeling more hopeful, in India, the devastating effects of COVID-19 have reached a **catastrophic** level. ⁠

The rates of COVID are surging uncontrollably, devastating cities and ravaging rural areas that already lacked access to healthcare. Hospitals are overcrowded & under-equipped. The infection rate is at an alarming level & a global high, and still climbing. 


→In India, the shortage of lifesaving medical supplies like vaccines and oxygen have resulted in a death rate that has grown 2,000% in just 2 months

→ The number of coronavirus cases in India has risen to over 400,000 new infections daily

→ There have been an additional 7.7 million COVID cases since the end of February. In contrast, it took India nearly six months to add the previous 7.7 million cases

→ And even worse, due to a shortage of supplies and government preparedness, these statistics are likely an undercount 

We are giving 1% of our wholesale revenue from DONA masala chai concentrate + $1 per bottle of masala chai sold on our site to @missionoxygenindia, an organization that helps to supply hospitals in India with oxygen concentrators. These oxygen concentrators filter and concentrate ambient air to product up to 95% pure oxygen & are in dire need.

But, there are so many more ways to help. Here is list organizations that are working to provide COVID 19 relief.