SINGLE ORIGIN STORY: Cloud Forest Cardamom

SINGLE ORIGIN STORY: Cloud Forest Cardamom


It's directly sourced, with the help of our friends at Burlap & Barrel, from a single-estate farm in the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz. It's one of the only farms in Guatemala to manage the supply chain in its entirety, from cultivation to harvesting, drying, and exporting. This farm emphasizes workers' rights, sustainability and fair business practices.

WHY YELLOW? Cardamom is the seed pod of a flowering plant in the ginger family. Traditionally the cardamom pods are harvested when green and underripe. Ours are left to ripen a littler longer, when yellow, yielding a smoother, sweeter flavor than standard green cardamom.

ORIGIN: Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

PRODUCER: Amilcar Pereira

PROCESS: Hot air dried; organically grown


single origin cardamom burlap and barrel


Our goal is to build relationships with farmers, increase supply cycle transparency, work directly with farmers, and bring more attention to the quality of spices.   

A shorter supply cycle means more money in the hands of the farmers, more attention to quality, & more shared information on growing conditions and harvest dates.


Amilcar Pereira has been growing cardamom since he was 9 years old. He has successfully established the first vertically integrated cardamom farm in Guatemala. He's the farmer "shaking up the Guatemalan cardamom trade." - via Saveur Magazine 

Photos by Burlap & Barrel