SINGLE-ORIGIN STORY: Meet our new lemongrass

SINGLE-ORIGIN STORY: Meet our new lemongrass
“For us, finding a local provider of an ingredient has always been a goal. It’s difficult considering the kinds of ingredients we use and the volumes we go through. So I was particularly excited to meet Pete and find out he had some really beautiful lemongrass and was a good human farming in a way that values land stewardship and environmental resiliency. There is also the mitigation of a carbon impact by reducing the distance between the ingredient source and us, plus the economic impact of keeping money circulating in our local economy, and supporting another small business. I’m excited to develop a long term relationship between DONA and Treiber Farms and already have plans to take the next crop of lemongrass next fall when it comes time for harvest, and have started talking about other ingredients that Pete and his crew can put in the ground for us. Overall, it’s a relationship that comes with a myriad of benefits and is a much more fulfilling supplier relationship because there is a mutual desire to treat the products and the people who grow our ingredient with care. Plus the lemongrass is just beautiful, high quality, and delicious.”  —Eddie Shumard / director of operations


ORIGIN: Peconic, New York

PRODUCER: Treiber Farms

VARIETY: An East-Indian varietal, native to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)


FLAVOR: Fruity & sweet with notes of tart lemon and mint

Lemongrass, native to tropical and subtropical areas of the world, grows quickly enough in the Long Island soils of Treiber Farms to reach heights of nearly six feet tall.  Farmer Pete has grown this variety the last three seasons, both indoors and outdoors, with almost exactly the same results.  The crop itself is an unassuming stalk of what looks like ornamental grass, revealing a sweet aromatic smell when you crumple a bit of the blades in your hand.  It truly is an amazing plant.

About the farm: The 60 acre Treiber Farms was founded in 2014 by a father and son duo, Peter Treiber Senior and Peter Treiber Junior 

Statement from Farmer Pete 

“I never thought our farm would be selling in the traditional greenmarket and have made strides to put a lot of our focus on not only feeding those around us, but collaborating with businesses and artists. We work with natural fabric dyers, ice cream makers, mead makers, beer makers, spirit makers, floral designers, chefs, painters, sculptors, musicians, and filmmakers, to name a few! There seems to be endless possibilities for collaborations on the farm!”