Sip sip hooray!

Sip sip hooray!

Q: What's a tisane?

A: Tea without the tea!

A tisane (ti-zahn) is an infusion of herbs, fruits, and spices without the tea plant—it's commonly called herbal tea.  

Our tisanes are slow-steeped with fresh fruit that's bursting with natural sweetness, so we don't need to add any sugar. 

We choose spices, herbs and flowers known for their functionality, with anti-inflammatory & antioxidant-rich properties that soothe, restore, and refresh

The essence of summer, no sugar added.

Meet DONA Tisanes, our new line of herbal iced teas. Naturally sweet and totally refreshing in 3 botanical flavors you can drink all summer long. 

Fennel Elderflower with chamomile & orange 

Turmeric Cherry with lemongrass & hibiscus

Cardamom Mint with blueberry & lemon