Teatime with Candice Ross of Brin's Jam

Teatime with Candice Ross of Brin's Jam

Teatime is a storytelling series that shares people's experiences with tea. Through this series, we hope to create conversation about the complex history of tea, the role tea plays in people's lives +  its vast cultural differences.

Our Teatime feature is Candice Ross of Brin’s Jam & Marmalade who we had the pleasure of meeting nearly 10 years ago when we shared the same Brooklyn test kitchen. Today, our collaborative Cherry Chai Jam cooked with NY sour cherries and our Masala Chai, is available in our special Mother’s Day Breakfast bundle.  But before you spread the jam, read more about Candice’s Southern Sweet Tea roots and her enlightening culinary experience that shifted her thoughts on tea.

Q: Who are you?
Candice Ross, founder of Brins (jam & marmalade)

Q: What do you do? 
I focus on recipe development, branding &  graphics. 

Q: What is your relationship to tea? 
I drink herbal tea probably every other day. 

Q: What significance does tea have in your life? In your family? In your culture?
I come from Louisiana and grew up with sweet tea at every meal. It's right of passage to perfect your sweet tea recipe for sure! There was always a liter container in the frig. and my grandma had the best in the family, of course. 

Q: Share a tea memory & its significance to your life/family/culture
Growing up drinking sweet tea I didn’t know until college that tea was anything but ground up leaves in a bag. I spent a year in DC for school and visited an Ethiopian restaurant. They served a spiced tea, it really opened my eyes to what a vast array of flavors, textures and ceremonies tea has to offer (i.e. it doesn't end with lipton or traditional tea leaves for that matter!)