Teatime with Sonal Gohel

Teatime with Sonal Gohel

Meet Sonal Gohel of Zenergize Your Space, a candle company based in Queens, NY. She created a custom candle that reflects the meaning of tea in her life. We spoke to Sonal about her business & her relationship with tea. 

Q: Tell us about your business

My name is Sonal, the creator and owner of Zenergize Your Space. I am a healthcare professional who strives to achieve work and life balance. I began my journey of attaining peace and clarity several years ago as I was overcoming the many challenges of life. It all started with finding the right “self-care” routine. In the routine was a hot shower, meditation, repeating positive affirmations, practicing the Law of Attraction, and consciously choosing thoughts. Also, a big part of my routine was lighting candles, It gave me a way to disconnect from work, stress, and everything else my mind was on. Lighting a candle was my way of focusing, relaxing, and spending that time with me, myself, and I.

After realizing that lighting candles was in fact, a huge part of my self care routine, I thought, “why not create candles myself?” With this creation I wanted to share the process of finding a sacred space between the physical world and inner world. The name Zenergize Your Space came from fusing the words "Zen and Energy" finding Zen and bringing the right energy to your space through beautifully hand-crafted scents. .

Q: How would you describe your brand?

Zenergize Your Space is a candle company that is not merely just a creation, it is a story. A story of self-care and self-love. Through these scents we want to spread light in order to create a sacred environment in your home to bring balance to your physical and inner space.
Q: What does tea mean to you?
    Tea or Chaa (Tea in my native language, Gujarati) to me means togetherness, home, and warm start to the day!
      Q: What is your relationship to tea?
        My relationship to Chaa is a fairly close one. Being South-Asian means Chaa every morning with savory crunchy snacks. Each morning my mother made chaa with cardamom, freshly grated ginger, and cinnamon. These spices together warmed up the entire kitchen, it didn't matter if it was 95 Degrees out, this chaa was meant to be piping hot! Chaa means, togetherness, it meant it's time to fill our bellies and take on the day. You may hear many South Asian families drink chaa throughout the day, perhaps, as an afternoon "tea break." Our family really stuck to the morning routine. Every now and then, I remember being spoiled and having "breakfast" for dinner. Now THAT, was truly special. That meant Chaa, paratha Indian bread), and all the savory snacks. Til' this day my parents drink chaa every morning and when I am visiting home, well...I can say NOTHING can beat that feeling. Hot chaa at the start of your day.