Teatime with Winnie

Teatime with Winnie

By Navdeep Kaur

Meet Winnie Reeves of Nourished Endeavors, the creator of our delectable masala chai-based recipes for the Fall this year. 

Winnie Reeves, the creator of baking and food photography blog, Nourished Endeavors, collaborated with us for the fall and the results have been scrumptious! Her blog is a lovely manifestation of her passion for baking which features seasonal recipes that are developed, tested and photographed by her.

It is a sheer delight to scroll through Winnie’s wonderful work on her blog. The breathtaking photography makes one feel like they’re right there in the kitchen with her, as she takes them through her process of baking some delectable wide range of recipes from cakes and breakfast goods to doughnuts. A self-taught baker, Winnie says that she was drawn towards baking as a child gripped by Food Network. The fact of using everyday ingredients to whip up favourite bakes to satisfy her sweet tooth excited her. Starting with baking as a hobby, the more she learnt through this process, the drive to grow and be creative with her recipes increased.

To our delight, Winnie revealed herself to be a tea drinker. Be it 90 degrees outside, she prefers to let her tea steep well in hot water and enjoy it during the designated times of the day. Tea is her safety and her recent interest in loose leaves (green, black or herbal) stems from the robust flavour they give when consumed hot. She particularly loves the taste of earl grey and has experimented with it in some of her baked goods as well!

While the art and science of baking requires carefully considered and properly measured ingredients, it also involves picking out the right ones to produce that culinary magic. In developing recipes with our masala chai concentrate, she says it was significant giving thought to the ingredients that went well with the blend along with keeping in mind the warm and fuzzy days of fall and winter that lie ahead of us. There’s a certain creativity and flow to the process of baking which requires a constant check for flavour and texture and incorporating the many changes that occur while trying out the recipes. Through her craft and genius, our masala chai concentrate was used to create scrumptious chai cider doughnuts, chai spice orange linzer cookies, cranberry almond chai bars, cranberry chai doughnuts, pistachio chai coffee cake and chai apple cider.

Fall is here and so are the comfort foods with all those aromatic spices replacing our cooling summer drinks and salads! Time to get those ovens started and make the best of the time to treat yourself or a loved one with the wonderful combinations of our masala chai with Winnie’s recipes.