This turmeric is special

This turmeric is special


sweeter // brighter // better for farmers


Botanical name: Curcuma longa 

Origin: Guirruca, Nicaragua 

Harvest date: February & March

Processing: hand-picked, cold water washed, sun-dried 

Farm type: Single farm

Health:  7.92% curcumin 


Directly traded from a single farm in Guirruca, Nicaragua. We pay farmers a higher price than the commodity market, which means more money in the hands of the growers. 

We maintain transparency along a short supply cycle: we know the farmers, the growing conditions of the spice, and the wages paid to the people involved.   

Higher quality than your typical commodity turmeric, Our Diriamban Turmeric is grown without pesticides and is certified organic. Freshly harvested twice a year, it’s hand-picked, cold water washed & sun-dried, delivered to use whole and ground in house per batch.

 Health forward - 4x the curcumin level of your average turmeric. Curcumin = the good stuff.  It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and aids in digestion. 


Photo by Burlap & Barrel