INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT: Nicaraguan turmeric

INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT: Nicaraguan turmeric

As we move on from the cold weather, we are finally in turmeric harvest season! The special turmeric we brew with is harvested then hand-picked, cold water washed, & sun-dried by a single farm in Nicaragua. It's sweeter, brighter and more citrusy than your average tumi.

Ingredient name: Nicaraguan turmeric 

Botanical name: Curcuma longa 

Origin: Guirruca, Nicaragua 

 Brewed in: DONA Gold, Turmeric Cherry Tisane and Turmeric Honeybush Soda



    • Turmeric is a relatively new crop for Nicaragua, where it helps to improve the livelihood of the local farmers as a higher value crop than their main export: coffee.
    • Turns out, turmeric is super happy in Nicaragua's rich volcanic soil and the mountainous terrain
    • Grown by a single farm 
    • the growing cycle, the soil quality, and the care given to the crop all contribute to the incomparably high curcumin levels 




    • This turmeric has a longer growing cycle than most other varieties. The Nicaraguan farmer allows their turmeric plants to grow for 1-2 years before each harvest, rather than the typical 6 months
    • This means: 
      • better flavor -- butter, smooth & sweet. Conventional is more bitter and astringent
      • better for your health - crazy high curcumin levels
    • Our direct sourcing practices mean that we can trace the timeline of the end spice. We know when it was planted, harvested, processed, exported so it's fresh! conventional turmeric is typically ground overseas, where dyes are sometimes added (contributing to the neon effect) often sit in consolidation centers for uncharted amounts of time 
    • Our turmeric purchase means that more money in hands of the farmers - conventional has a long supply cycle and lots of middlemen, large companies