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Very Berry Flirt Iced Tea

An easy, refreshing iced tea made with real berries.
Very Berry Flirt Iced Tea

Flirty, flavorful & made with real fruit. Whenever you see a berry flavored  loose leaf tea and sachets on the shelf, that's extracts and natural flavors. While those can be delicious, they lack the juiciness that real fruit brings to the table. 

Enter Very Berry Flirt Iced Tea. Simple to make, this 1 step, 3 ingredient recipe is brewed to a ruby hued perfection. Steep berries--fresh or frozen--and Flirt tea in water in the fridge overnight. The next day, you'll have a juicy, tart & refreshing iced tea to sip on all summer

1 Cup Frozen Berries (We used mixed but any berries will work)
20g Flirt
64oz water

Put the tea, berries and water in a pitcher and put in the fridge over night. Enjoy!