Meet our new cinnamon

Sweeter, smoother and better cinnamon from the farmers of Cao Bang
Cinnamon quills from Vietnam
  • We source high oil cinnamon bark from Vietnam. The high oil content contributes to a sweeter, richer & smoother cinnamon flavor. The farmers from Cao Bang grow this cinnamon which is warm, sweet and spicy.
  • This cassia cinnamon is all organic and is grown and harvested in the tropical climate of Thach An district in Cao Bang, Vietnam. It was harvested in March 2023.
  • This cassia comes from woody perennials that are grown in a biologically diverse area. In addition to other trees, the cassia trees are intercropped with anise and acacia shrubs which are also evergreen in nature. Such crop practices ensure land fertility and stabilize crop nutrition.
  • The forest area of the region accounts for about 90% of the arable land of the Thach An district. The terrain being mountainous and fertile is used for both agricultural and forestry production which lead to unpolluted air, soil and water.
  • By partnering with farmers of Cao Bang, we are able to source the best quality cinnamon and keep up our commitment towards procuring from local, agricultural and sustainable ecosystems.
Farmers working on bark of a cinnamon tree in Vietnam