Dona Kyoto matcha sourced from Kyoto, Japan on a round white dish
Kyoto Matcha
Dona Kyoto matcha sourced from Kyoto, Japan on a round white dish
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Kyoto Matcha

Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Our matcha is hand-plucked, traditionally stone-milled, and air-freighted to ensure optimal freshness. 

Flavor: The flavor of our matcha comes from firing the tea leaves in higher heat than usual. The result: a toasty, nutty-like aroma with a clean & mellow vegetal finish devoid of bitterness.

Origin: Wazuka, a small town located in the north of Kyoto prefecture. The area has about 800 years of history of tea cultivation and is famous for high quality teas, especially Sencha with tea plantations spread out on the lush hillsides. 45% of teas produced in Kyoto are from Wazuka

Okumidori Cultivar: A crossbreed of Yabukita cultivar and Shizuoka Zairai. The cultivar has no significant shortcoming, is well-balanced with umami, pleasant astringency and refreshing yet elegant aroma. The color is dark green.

3rd generation tea producer: The matcha comes from a small family farm run by Mr Kanmoto and his wife. The soil type is mineral-rich clay soil, which contributes to depth of flavors and strong aroma in the tea.

Stone-milling process: In older times, stone mills used to be rotated by hand, but nowadays the rotation is automated. The leaves are funneled down and ground in between two granite stones. The heat produced by the stone mills brings out the flavors of the leaves. Stone-ground Matcha has a deep flavor which a ball mill or a jet mill cannot make.


30g Tin

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Unlike most matcha available in the US, ours arrives via air-freight direct from Japan to ensure the freshest, smooth, velvety flavor without any of the bitter or astringent notes.