Meet our NEW brew: DONA tisanes

Meet our NEW brew: DONA tisanes

After a year of planning, recipe testing & designing,  DONA is launching a brand new line of drinks called DONA TisanesThey are small batch herbal brews made with our single origin spices, flowers + fruit.  And because fruit imparts its own sweetness, we don’t need to add sugar. Win, win. 


Each of our three flavors is designed for taste and functionality:

  • Turmeric Cherry with Lemongrass, Hibiscus & Black Pepper restores
  • Cardamom Mint with Blueberry & Lemon is refreshing
  • And Fennel Elderflower with Chamomile & Orange is soothing

We designed the outside of the bottle to match the vibes inside: fresh // clean  // refined. 


I am really passionate about this project.  Apart from my obvious love of spices, I believe the food and drinks we consume should be made with only real food. No extracts, no science kits, no artificial (or even natural) flavorings. I hope that the Spice Tisanes, as well as the other DONA products, will reflect our company & community values of eating real food, sourcing thoughtfully, and contributing to a better food system.


SUPER excited to share. Please feel free to reach out to me & tell me what you think.

-Amy - 


DONA spice tisanes