Heartbeat Black Tea Sachets

Heartbeat Black Tea Sachets

Our take on Masala Chai: A full bodied blend of black tea, paired with ginger and cardamom

Amber Assam | Upper Assam, India | Chota Tingrai Estate

This women-run tea estate prioritizes sustainable growing methods and the welfare of the local tea growing communities

Ginger | Nicaragua 

Sourced from a collective of small farms in Nicaragua. This collective helps farmers reach the marketplace by providing resources, financing and ensuring income through contract growing enabling them to expand into growing more crops. 

Cardamom | Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, Honduras | Don Jesus 

Grown by a single farmer, Don Jesus in Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, Honduras. We purchase the majority of his cardamom crop, ensuring a fresh supply and paying a fair price

12 Sachets


12 Sachets

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